Retake your privacy, without losing convenience

Keep your social media life, contacts, photos and more in your living room. Access them from anywhere with Internet.

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opt-out of the constant monitoring of your life

We can decide the world we want to live in.

Your personal data is valuable, and most of it resides with internet giants who make billions reselling it to data dealers. lil’Sail allows you to keep it safe at home while still able to access it from anywhere.

APPS to bring more focus and mindfulness to your life

It's not just your privacy

Gain agency and purpose with an ecosystem of apps designed to get you out of the endless distractions rabbit hole. Each app in our app store is strongly vetted against  constant monitoring or optimizing for screen-time. We want you to put down your phone so you can go on with your regular life.

one device for the whole family  

Bring everyone that matters on your lil'Sail

Host all your family or friends in one device. Don’t let them fall prey to the surveillance economy. Everyone you bring on your lil'sail has their own private space accessible only to them.

ReCreate most services with seemless import tool

Moving day is today

Transfer your data from Google and Facebook to your lil’sail and request to have it removed from their servers.

Optimized for Android and iOS

Native applications to manage your lil'Sail available on both Android and iOS devices

Sync Across Devices

Keep you data in sync across devices knowing your data is not being tracked or used against you.

Easily Share

Share more safely and authentically with others. Remove your data from the internet anytime you want.




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Quam Inceptos




Your life’s JOYS and SORROWS are NOT for sale

We hear it over and over again, we must  give up privacy to enjoy the convenience of online services. With lil’Sail we want you to have both, because we understand your life’s joy and sorrows are not for sale.

What & Why lil'sail?

Why Sail the web?

We surfed the internet since the 90’s trusting our data to companies that proved unworthy of our trust. It’s time to take control of our data, stop surfing and start sailing with all our data knowing where it resides.

Lil’sail is your home cloud devices that hold all of your data from social media profiles to photos and contacts so you can easily share and enjoy your memories with your friends.

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Joshua Home

New York Times

I too don't want my life permanently monitored. Why  can't I have my own private server?

not Hillary .

New York Times

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